Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 2012 - School Days

Near our 12 week appointment, I decided it was safe to share our news at school. A couple close friends at school already knew, but for the rest it would be quite a surprise! Our school is pretty unique in that our students love to know pretty much everything about their teachers, so I knew they would be excited, too (not to mention the fact that some of them had been asking me when I'd have a baby for over two years!).

I had already told our principal about the baby a few weeks back, and he told me to let him know when the information was public. I emailed him one morning to let him know it was, and not two minutes later he sent an email to the rest of the staff telling them all! In our small school, that also means the students knew in about five minutes flat. They've been excited ever since - especially with helping pick out interesting baby names - usually their own name or a variation of it, or something crazy like Sage Loveblood.

Here's a picture of my College Writing 2 seniors during Homecoming Week, right around when they found out:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 2012 - Announcement Pics

To announce our big news to others, I wanted to do something creative, and again Pinterest had some answers! I took some ideas from them and asked our friend Courtney Draxten to take some photos for us. We had a great time with her on a wonderful fall Sunday at the Kirkbride (state hospital) in Fergus. Maddy was such a trooper - I am pretty sure she loves being the center of attention and having her picture taken. Here are a few of our favorites. Thanks, Courtney!