Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19; 34 Weeks

(Warning: This post is as scatterbrained as I am at the moment... so at least it's fitting!)

Lots can happen in two weeks' time! We traveled to the cities last weekend because I had one more meeting for my summer writing institute. While I was at that, Titus went to Ikea (his least favorite place on Earth) to buy a dresser and bookcase for the nursery. The bookcase got vetoed after putting it together, but the dresser works great.

 We also got a new recliner, which I am very excited about!
While Titus put together the dresser, I took pictures of the crazy snow we got.

My friends and coworkers, Erin and Desiree, held a shower for me at work after school today. It was great fun! Erin thoughtfully made cotton candy cupcakes after remembering I liked them on Pinterest. They were delicious! And now I know that cotton candy frosting is at the grocery store... that could be dangerous.

My coworkers were very generous, and I had to take a picture of all the things they gave us before I put them away.

 This is Erin, Desiree, and me at the shower - be kind to us, as it was pajama day at school!

In baby news, he is the size of a bag of sugar today. Five pounds! With the help of a couple wonderful chiropractors who will remain nameless here, I believe the baby has moved back into the correct position! We won't know for sure for a while, and he of course could move anytime he wants, so fingers crossed. However, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling kicks in my ribs today instead of a back.

Last, here are a couple pictures of the nursery. It is still a work in progress, and things are being moved in and out as my whims change, but it's coming along. My mom finished the curtains and is now working on the crib skirt.

My aunts and cousins are having a shower for me this Saturday, and after that I think our nursery will start to look a little more complete!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 5; 32 Weeks

Only 8 weeks (or less?) to go! If you know me, you know I am planning on being ready a month early... just in case. Of course, as a teacher this involves quite a bit of planning ahead for my absence. I'm getting there though!

At my last doctor's appointment, I found out the baby has moved to a new position. He was in the best positioning all this time, but a couple days before my appointment, he moved to a transverse (sideways) position. It's not a big deal now (although it means his back is shoved up under my already tender ribs), but he does need to move back pretty soon. Hopefully he does that on his own!

On Saturday I went to my friend Brianne's baby shower - she is due two weeks before me. There were four of us pregnant women there! It was really fun to see her and everyone. It was also fun to watch all the fun things she was opening (and add some items to my list)!

The nursery is coming together, but there is still work to be done. We are going to the cities this weekend as I have a meeting on Saturday. Then we will be making a trip to Ikea for a dresser and bookcase for the nursery. Once those are put together, we can do a bit of decorating, and it should definitely resemble a nursery by then! :)