Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adventures in Cloth Diapering - Why Cloth Diaper?

First off, let me state for the record that I had no intentions of using cloth diapers before or during my pregnancy! I was with the crowd that thought, why touch that stuff any more than necessary? Get it in the garbage and move on!

So what changed my mind? Primarily the acid-like diaper rash Leif had. My body hurt just looking at it! My sister-in-law graciously loaned us her cloth diapers to try out, so without having to pay a cent, I could see if they would actually work for us.

And work they did! Leif's rash went away very quickly, and because of that I was sold. The laundry wasn't anywhere as disgusting and scary as I thought it would be. Although there are still some newborn poo diapers that I would rather just throw in the garbage, they are few and far between.

The cost savings is what initially got my husband on board. Here is a link from Diaper Decisions that breaks down the cost of cloth diapers versus disposables. I also learned that used diapers have a great resale value! I never would have guessed that someone would want to buy my cloth diapers when I am done with them. They can also be reused on future children, although at the moment I definitely have my hands full with just this little one!

Another factor that convinced both Titus and I to cloth diaper are the environmental benefits. Here is a link from the Real Diaper Association showing how detrimental disposable diapers our to our environment.

The number of chemicals in disposable diapers also grosses me out. I go to so much trouble to use "clean" shampoo, baby wash, creams, etc. - why would I want chemicals sitting on his bum all day, every day?

The cloth diaper experiment was a success, so it became time for us to buy our own. I did lots of research and found most people suggested trying a bunch of different types of diapers to see what works for you. I will admit that it has become an odd hobby of mine, and I will probably keep trying different kinds until Leif doesn't need diapers anymore. That said, I found some favorites, so I will blog about those soon!

Before I purchased any diapers, I also went to my friend Genevieve's house and she showed my friend and I all her diapers and how she uses them. It really helped to see them in person and know how to use them! Thanks, Genevieve!

If you are interested in cloth diapering, I highly suggest talking to someone who already does it and having them walk you through their stash. (If you are anywhere near me, I would be happy to do this for you!) There are also great web resources out there for you.
Green Mountain Diapers has helpful information here, and there is a seven part You Tube series starting here.

Leif's two month shot, in one of his first cloth diapers! (I have since sold this one because it wasn't one of my favorites.)