Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventures in Cloth Diapering Part 2: Building the Stash

Once you have done some research and hopefully have seen some cloth diapers in person, it's time to start building your stash. This is the fun part!

Depending on your budget, you have lots of options. I wanted to keep costs in mind, so I went with a majority of covers and inserts and prefolds. This way, I can reuse the same couple covers all day, which saves money. However, I did buy some pocket diapers for daycare in hopes that they will find them easy to use. Pocket diapers can only be used once before washing because the inside gets dirty. Some people love pockets and have a whole stash of them, but I find myself grabbing for them last.

Here are a couple pictures of my beginning stash! I have already sold some of these after finding they didn't work as well for us. I only lost a dollar or two on each one I sold.

I ordered from with two 20% off codes, which meant almost 40% in savings and free shipping. I also ordered from Nicki's Diapers, which I like because they have great customer service and they are in Madison, Wisconsin (a seven hour drive, but in the big cloth diapering world it seems kind of local!).

Once you have chosen the types of diapers you want, you aren't finished. You need wet bags for traveling, wet bags or pail liners for at home, snappis or pins if you are using prefolds or flats, cloth diaper safe cream, soakers, and safe detergent.

In my next blog I will go over some of my favorite diapers and above-mentioned accessories!