Friday, November 8, 2013

KiDECALS Review and Coupon Code

One thing I did not anticipate when having a baby was the importance of labeling... everything! One would think the ultra-organizer in me would have thought of this, but alas, I did not. When Leif goes to daycare, his bottles must be labeled, and this posed a problem. I didn't want to write on the bottles, so with the couple minutes I had to make a decision, I put on some clear address labels. Problem solved! Well, not really. Turns out those address labels don't stick on or stay very well.

Enter KiDECALS. These labels are meant for kids' items, and they are dishwasher proof and washing machine proof! Not only that, but they have lots of cute design options. KiDECALS sent me some labels to put to the test. Here is what I chose!

I love the design of these labels. I opted for the mega pack so I would have plenty of large and small labels. The small ones are perfect for bottles and bottle tops. The bigger ones would work great on books, bigger toys, and more.

Before I could give these my seal of approval, I had to test out the washability. I mean, cuteness counts for nothing if they fall off in the sink! However, I was pleasantly surprised. After a week of washing bottles in both the sink and the dishwasher, the labels actually seem more sealed to the bottles! Nice.

If you would like to pick up some labels for yourself, your kid, your dog, your kitchen, or just about anything, here is a code just for you! Enter the code TEAMAWESOME at checkout to take 10% off your entire order. They also ship any order for free! Go to to check out all the options. Happy labeling!