Monday, October 21, 2013

Anywhere Chair Winner!

The winner of the Anywhere Chair is..... Jen M!

Jen, please respond to my email with your shipping address within 48 hours. Thanks!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

RundBaby Anywhere Chair Review and Giveaway!

As Leif is wiggling about so much now, having turned six months old, I have come to understand the necessity of many options to... let's say... "restrain" him. That may sound medieval to some, but if you're a parent, you know exactly what I mean!

Add to the mix that Leif does not like to miss out on any action, and some of our options disappear. The Pack n Play? Not unless you plan to sit outside it! The swing? No more. Even the Bumbo is too low to the ground because he wants to see everything.

That's why I was so intrigued by the RundBaby Anywhere Chair. It is ingeniously designed to help your baby sit just about anywhere. They are made locally by Melissa Rund of Rund Baby, who also makes lots of other items and sells them in her Etsy shop as well as at The Market, which is where I first stumbled upon them.

Melissa was kind enough to give me an Anywhere Chair to try out and review! One place we frequent without quite enough "restraints" is Grandma's house, so that is where we brought our Anywhere Chair and put it to the test.

The fabric easily fit around the dining room chair and Leif, which meant he didn't get upset about getting settled in (unlike the carseat, the stroller, and the highchair). Once he was in, he was pretty excited to be able to see all around just like the grown ups! The added bonus was that our dog was keeping an eye on him, and she is his favorite thing in the world. You can see how happy he is here!

The verdict: The Anywhere Chair is awesome, adorable, and super useful. We plan on using it at Grandma's and also in the restaurant high chairs, and I'm sure as he grows we will find more places for him to sit as well! I will also be taking advantage of those handy ribbon loops by attaching a couple favorite toys to them.

Melissa also makes lots of other baby items - I was excited to see she is working on new diaper bags with the super cute fabric she carries! You can see what she is up to at her Facebook page!

That's not all, folks - now you can enter to win an Anywhere Chair! Melissa has set aside this red and white chevron Anywhere Chair for one lucky winner. Enter below! Make sure you like her Facebook page as well. If you win, I will email you for your address - be sure to respond within 48 hours. Good luck!