Monday, August 13, 2012

August 2012 - How We Told Our Parents

We wanted to come up with a fun way to tell our parents our exciting news, and where else do you find great ideas but... Pinterest? I (Mindy) saw some ideas on there that I liked and took a few pictures. Titus helped choose the best one:

I even tried to buy Titus some new shoes for the occasion, but he refused. :) We told our parents pretty early on for a few reasons, including the fact that we wanted them to share in the excitement, but also because I was extremely tired and we thought they should probably know why! (I pretty much slept through the month of August, but I got some energy back just in time to return to teaching on time.)

We had Carolyn, Steve, and Diane over for dinner one night, and we gave Carolyn and Diane both presents for "helping out so much while I was gone" at the writing institute I attended in for three weeks in July. Carolyn says she knew what we were up to right away, but who knows! When they opened the presents and saw the picture above in a frame, Carolyn got in on the news and said so. It took Diane a couple minutes longer, but they were all very excited! A couple days later we had Kirby and Shelly over for dinner and also gave them the surprise present. Our parents all knew then, but we kept it a secret for a few weeks longer from everyone else!

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