Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School, Starting Daycare, and Wipes Redux

The lack of posting the last couple weeks is due to the inevitable fact that I had to go back to school. I am now in my ninth year of teaching somehow! This year is so different because of Leif. Who knew it is so hard to leave your baby at daycare? Well, I didn't!

Leif is enjoying daycare, which makes things so much easier! He's gone from 3-5 hours of napping a day to about an hour of napping because he is so excited about all the kids around him. This makes him one tired boy at home, but it pretty much matches my energy level after a day with high school students. All in all, we are adjusting, but hoping our energy increases a bit soon. We are lucky that we have daycare we trust, in a convenient place, with kids to entertain him, and last but certainly not least, they use our cloth diapers. Win!

On the subject of cloth diapers... when I last posted about using cloth wipes, I tried out a homemade wipe solution. Turns out that is a no-go. Leif's perfect baby skin got bright red again, and it must be from the soap in the wipe solution. We are back to dry wipes with the occasional water bottle spray, and the redness has disappeared.

Leif turned five months recently - here is my favorite picture from all the ones I took. What a cutie!

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