Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12; 24 Weeks

This week baby boy is almost a foot long (ear of corn) and weighs just over a pound. He is quite active, especially after I eat. At Young Life on Monday night, I was the singer on stage. When I got off stage and sat down to hear Pat's talk, the baby started punching or kicking me! I am used to the general movements, but this was the first time it was noticeably a hand or foot. The funny thing was, I couldn't tell anyone because we were all quietly listening to the talk! I let Pat know afterward that his talk either had a good or bad effect on the baby- not sure which. :)

Last weekend I took our cousin Karin and her friend Megan (also seniors in my English class and Frontier cabinmates) to visit UMD. It was fun to show them the sights of Duluth despite the foggy weather. Karin's dad Kurt found us a great hotel room in Canal Park, and we loved it! Perhaps the best part was Bentleyville. It's a huge display of Christmas lights, and it's free. If you've never gone and you have the chance, check it out.

The baby is not the biggest fan of traveling - hopefully that changes once he can actually enjoy the sights himself!

We have our six month appointment this Friday - nothing else very exciting to report!

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