Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18; almost 38-39 weeks

It is almost time to meet baby boy Christianson! Almost everything is ready in preparation for him. Titus still has a couple items on his list to prepare, like the Pack and Play and the carseat, but other than that, we are ready. (Maybe not mentally, but who ever is?)

Today we are happily stuck at home in a blizzard. It's nice to relax since we don't have to go anywhere. Just hoping the baby agrees with us, as it would be pretty hard to get to the hospital today!

Our friends Brianne and Aaron had their baby last Sunday, and we went to meet baby Graham in Fargo on Saturday. It was exciting to see what will soon be happening for us as well! They are doing great, and Graham is adorable.

The picture below is from a few days ago, so 37-38 weeks. I am all screwed up on the due date now, but I guess he will come whenever he wants to anyway!

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