Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3; 35.5 weeks or 36.5 weeks?!

As you may be able to tell from the title, our due date may have gotten moved up a week! I asked the doctor at my appointment a few days ago if he thought April 2 was still our due date. Well, he looked at the first ultrasound, which is apparently the most accurate for dating purposes, and it said March 26! That is a full week earlier! Luckily I have things ready at school (although my sub is in Vegas for a couple more weeks...) and most everything ready at home. Now it is more about the mental preparation.

This weekend has included lots of baby preparation. My mom and I went to Target and bought most of what was left on the registry. Last night I put together the monkey bouncer, and today I put together the swing. Titus is in charge of boxes, and he is less than impressed with how many of them there are. :) Right now he is setting up the Pack and Play. His last assignment is to practice installing the car seat, so he is ready to put it in when the baby is here!

I have been feeling pretty decent all things considered. The baby has moved down, so I am able to eat more than bird portions of food, and that is nice! He seems to have moved out of the ideal position again though, so hopefully he finds the right place before too long.

The nursery is almost complete, so I am posting pictures of it. It's hard to get pictures with everything in them, so they are a bit awkward.

We had a great baby shower at the Stigens last Saturday, and I will post about it soon!

Dresser/Changing Table (just missing the changing pad... and pictures of people we actually know!)

Crib- Mom made the skirt, Steve and Diane provided the oar, and my dad hung it. We may hang his name from it later, but not now since that is TBD!

Bookcase, audio system (a must!), and bouncer

Curtains made by my mom

Matching pillow by Mom; rocking chair passed down from Andersons to Rajaniemis to us!

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