Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adventures in Cloth Diapering Part 3: A Few of My Favorite Things

We are very much in our cloth diapering groove - we've found our favorites and are in a great routine!

Here is Mr. Leif in our favorite diaper - a Flip cover in the Albert print.

I bought and tried numerous types of diaper covers, but my favorite type of cover is Flip. They are one size, meaning they fit from 8-35 pounds I believe. This saves you money! In addition, covers can be used multiple times before being washed, so they are a money saver in that way too. I also like the little flaps inside the Flip cover. These help the inserts and prefolds stay in place. There are many colors and a couple prints to choose from.

For the inside, during the daytime we like the Flip stay dry inserts. They are very trim and fit perfectly with the Flip covers. You can fold them for small, medium, and large settings, which go along with the rise snaps on the covers. We are on the small setting. 

When summer got hot here in Minnesota, we found we needed to keep Leif very dry to prevent heat rash. My mom had some extra fleece at home and just cut it into pieces the same size as the Flip inserts. These fleece inserts do double duty, as they also protect the diaper from diaper creams.

At night, Leif needs a little more diaper! Our latest concoction seems to do the trick. We use a Flip cover, an Imagine bamboo prefold which we trifold, a Thirsties soaker, and a fleece liner on top. If it is put on correctly, there are rarely nighttime leaks, even when he sleeps 10 hours straight! We also use the prefolds during the day sometimes - mostly when the Flip inserts are all dirty.

There are lots of diaper creams out there, but only a few are truly cloth diaper safe. I try to stick with those so our diapers will last a long time! We like CJ's Butter and Grandma El's. I really like the CJ's Butter is available in a stick so you don't have to touch anything. Makes clean-up a breeze! However, Grandma  El's is what we reach for when we see some redness, and it usually clears up by the next diaper change.

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