Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cloth Wipes (A/K/A I'm Getting Crunchier)

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 As you know, Leif has been in cloth diapers for about four months now, and he went from having acid-burn-like rashes to almost no rashes at all. Almost. However, he seems to have very sensitive skin, and he still had redness a couple times a day. I tried adding fleece liners (homemade by my mom - just cut up washed fleece!) which helped some, but they didn't fully solve the problem. Enter the wipes.

 Even "sensitive" wipes still have lots of ingredients! After I noticed the ingredients list, I thought I better try cloth wipes. Another incentive was the fact that the cloth wipes can go in the same bag as the diapers when changing, instead of having to throw them away - one less step! I bought some flannel, and my mom washed it, cut it into baby washcloth size pieces, and serged the edges for me. (Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is?) They were ready to go!

 I'm going to spare you before and after shots (or spare Leif, that is). The difference has been amazing though! His red spots are now nonexistent. At first I kept the wipes dry, and I left a peri bottle (got one at the hospital after delivery) full of water next to the wipes. My husband Titus wanted something with soap in it though, so he could feel like Leif was getting really clean. Challenge accepted. :) After perusing some wipe solution recipes online, I chose the following:

1 cup hot water,
 1 Tablespoon coconut oil, and
 1 Tablespoon Dr. Bronner's baby soap.

 I mixed them together and poured it over my wipes, which I had folded into my wipes warmer. In retrospect, the only thing I would have done differently is had the wipes cut to match the size of the wipe warmer better. Other than that, we are pretty happy with this experiment! I may add some essential oils once in a while, but honestly they smell great right now with the coconut scent coming through.

The lack of redness is reason enough alone to continue using cloth wipes, but think of the cost savings as well! Disposable wipes aren't cheap and the cost adds up. Cloth wipes are also environmentally friendly.

 If you have questions, just ask below! Since I am not giving you a boring picture of wipes or diaper rashes, here's one of Mr. Leif practicing his rolling skills.

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