Monday, January 21, 2013

Nursery Progress

It has been a busy week in the nursery! Our future nursery is our former office, which looked like this before:
That was right after we moved in, so the shelves are admittedly much fuller now! We moved all of this downstairs to our "extra" room, which is our new office. My dad and Titus took apart the three sections of the desk and moved them down. Yay for lots of help!

The next step was painting the nursery. I chose the color Divine White from Sherwin Williams. My mom painted the room over three days. My dad came over one night to install our closet shelves and a new light fixture.

Yesterday, Titus and his dad put together the crib and installed the curtain rod. I attempted to put together the cube storage unit for the closet, but I got as far as taking all the pieces out before realizing my ambition far outweighed my current energy level. Thankfully, Titus put it together for me tonight so I could start getting baby's stuff into his room. Instead, I washed the clothes we have so far for the baby - it may be the only time I enjoy doing laundry! It is amazing to think that anyone could ever be so little to fit into those clothes.

My mom is making all kinds of things like curtains, a crib skirt, and much more. They will be added soon! Then it will really start looking like the nursery I've imagined in my head (and on Pinterest).

Today we bought a rocking recliner, and it gets delivered Friday - I am excited to get it and hopefully find it very comfortable even at 30 weeks. :)

We still have to get a dresser and bookshelf, but at least our little boy will have a place to sleep when he gets here! Thanks so much to our parents for helping us out with everything. Here are some pictures of the progress!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product! Congratulations!