Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1; 27 weeks

We have officially made it to the third trimester! Only three months (or less) left before this growing boy joins us. Exciting and scary all at the same time!

Titus and I have enjoyed lots of time with family over Christmas break. Yesterday we ventured to Fargo, where my friend Brianne and I went shopping for nursery fabric. We stepped into Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well, where I got a little overwhelmed with all the things we still need to get for the baby. Trying to remember that it will all come together eventually! Brianne is due two weeks before me, so we got a bump picture in - see below. This was taken after our shopping trip - much shorter than our usual excursions, but of course much more exhausting! :)

We have spent the past few New Year's Eves at home, but this year we were invited to a little gathering at our friends' home in town. Almost everyone there had a baby of their own, so by next New Year's we will fit right in!

Tomorrow we have our 3D ultrasound, and Friday I have a doctor's appointment. Hopefully all goes well!

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